November Newsletter

Extracted from the newsletter: Thank you to all our clients for your continued support this year. We are always pleased to return your horse, cow, goat […]

Strategic Biannual Deworming

has shared the following information on deworming: Deworming in horses – what has changed?7 Firstly, the parasite flora of our horses have changed over time due […]

Movement to Cape Town

Please note the steps required to move horses into the Western Cape Free Zone. Please click on this document to see the details: basicmoveschema . If you would […]

Dr Katzwinkel makes history!

Dr Ralph Katwinkel discusses his innovative approach to a career ending problem in a racehorse. Read the article below, published in Parade Magazine in December 2015, […]

Double Clutch

Double Clutch suffered from West Nile Virus, read the article about his illness and his miraclous recovery as published in the Parade Magazine, December 2015.  

Upper Airway endoscopy explained

Dr Ralph Katzwinkel and Paul Lafferty discuss upper airway endoscopy with a demonstration of the airway and the use of a dynamic endoscope.  

Upper airway endoscopy

This video show a dynamic exercise video endoscope of the horse during all phases of exercise. This is the gold standard for diagnosing respiratory problems that […]

Jet Explorer – Jaw reconsruction

Watch Dr Katzwinkel and Paul Lafferty discussing the life saving procedure to reconstruct Jet Explorer’s jaw after fracturing it in multiple places during a race.

Exercise induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage

Dr Katzwinkel and Paul Lafferty discuss EIPH (bleeding) in race horses in this insightful interview.

Aryepiglottic fold resection

Watch the short video of Dr Katwinkel and Dr Gottschalk performing a laser aryepiglottic fold resection.
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